Lynn Harris


Lynn’s business background is in the Financial Services Industry where she successfully created and ran a large sales division for Lloyds Bank in the UK, becoming one of their top sales executives.

She has over 18 years experience in supporting senior executives to be outstanding leaders and to help them create high performing and healthy teams. She works with organizations internationally and leads her own coaching practice based in Montreal, Canada.


  • Coached the president of a Canadian Bank, his executive committee and their direct reports to be excellent coaches and performance managers of their people
  • Coached the personal and commercial team of a Canadian Bank to be a high-performing and healthy team to help them achieve transformational change and stretch financial targets
  • Developed the leadership and management capabilities of executive committee members in two insurance companies as part of a merger
  • Designed and facilitated strategy meetings for corporate claims functions in a highly sensitive merger between two international insurance companies
  • Coached and mediated between a CEO and his direct report in a cross-cultural, inter-personal conflict in a pharmaceutical company
  • Part of a coaching team to develop the next cadre of senior leaders in an international search company
  • Provided coaching and group facilitation for the top 600 leaders of a global communications organization as part of shifting the culture from authoritative to challenging, to support the performance and health of the business
  • Keynote speaker at various conferences on gender-balanced leadership


  • Masters Degree in Organization Development
  • Qualifications in team coaching, advanced facilitation, consulting skills, behavioural skills training, structural consulting and psychometric testing
  • Published author of ‘Unwritten Rules: What Women Need To Know About Leading In Today’s Organizations’.