Achieve Your Personal Development Goals


Know that every journey starts with a single step, and celebrate every step you take. Make your goals tangible, and continue to develop them over time. Share your goals with your family to inspire both them and yourself.

So once you set a goal for yourself on r how to improve, maybe improve a strength or maybe even make up for a weakness, it’s really important that you start to think about how can you create ways to accomplish that goal. Almost like how you set a new year’s resolution. It’s really important to think about even baby steps, because that way, when you make an accomplishment, your able to celebrate it a little bit. So if you can, what you want to do is think about ways, like for example, if you have a short temper, which we often do when we have lots of children and we’re balancing lots and lots of different things, instead of saying I want to work on my temper, which doesn’t have a real definitive goal, that you can celebrate or something tangible that you can work at, you can actually try to find things like, can I minimize the amount of time that I raise my voice in a day? And be mindful of it. It’s not a bad idea too to let your family know, that way they can also be informed and I always think it’s a good idea if you do it with a bit of humor if you can, so even if there’s a code word, if someone in your family sees that you are breaking your goal, they can tease you about it, that way again, cause the first thing to breaking a habit is being mindful of it. And then slowly working at it. And then hopefully once you accomplish one task, maybe going a whole day without swearing, or raising your voice, then you move onto the next, where you’re better able to have constructive conflict let’s say, or having a debate without taking it personally. So you start with the baby steps. And make sure you celebrate, it’s not easy making changes to who we are in ourselves. So making sure you celebrate those little facets. And just, you know, we’re talking about role models, it’s absolutely amazing when the next generation sees, you want to share this, let them see that you are trying to make yourself better, a better person, a better mom, aunt, sister, wife, and then they’ll learn that. They’ll learn there are ways that they should first off look at themselves and see how they can be better human beings, and then also they’ll see how hard you are working at it and that those types of goals can be accomplished. And that we’re all works in progress, so that was very important.

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