Be Kind to Yourself


Successes and failures can pollute families. Recognize that you are all human. When issues get messy, take a deep breath and a long view on the ultimate vision.

I think we have to be less sisterly at work and at home, and more professional at work and at home, I think is the truth. You don’t have, it isn’t the same. Because work can spread into everything and successes and failures can pollute lots of families and to cut the, to make the difference clear is very hard. So the way we’ve done it is I think there has been control and moderation on both sides. She’s definitely my sister, my beloved sister, and I’m as close to her children as she is to mine, but she’s also my partner and that has to be respected. And so there has to also be some kind of distance as well. I think it would be the same if it was a married couple working together or a mother and daughter as well. We’ve also had to put some distance in place at times, take a deep breath, step away, manage some quite rocky periods, but again, you take a long view and if one is kind to oneself, and understands that human beings are messy and that again, if the ultimate vision is aligned, and sometimes it’s easier to speak about the ultimate vision than about the slings and arrows of the now, and that has always kept us going. And that vision has been the prosperity and the security and the safety and stimulation and happiness of the whole family. That’s what we’re doing this for. Her children as well as mine.

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