The Greatest Challenges Faced by Women in Family Business Today


Listen to Heidi Vermeer-Quist talk about the different roles women play in the family business and how to address these challenges.

The greatest challenges faced by women in family business today are juggling the roles. Women tend to take on too much, the roles of mother, wife, so family member is so, so important, but then within the business, what kind of career path do I want, and how can I do that if I’m both mother to young children and pursuing a position in the business. Very difficult to manage those roles. And then other roles, perhaps it’s just self-care, just taking care of one’s own body of one’s own health, one’s own interests outside of the family business, things that may be much more life-giving than some of the day-to-day should’s that we perceive we need to do in the business, or in the family. So.

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