Juggling Rubber Balls and Glass Balls


Recognize the many roles you play and reflect on which roles are ‘glass balls’ or ‘rubber balls’.

One of the hardest questions is how do you keep all these balls juggling in the air at the same time. Because most women today, I for example, have always worked, we have relationships, we’re married, we have our children, we have friends, we have the community, we have a lot of balls that we’re juggling, all at the same time. And I would suggest that for most of us, as we keep these balls going, we have to realize that some of them are made of rubber, and we can let them drop every once in a while and they’ll bounce back. But there are others that are made of glass, and if we let it fall, and it falls on the tile, it will break. And we can’t get it back. So I would suggest that we should really take some time, as a woman, to think about, what’s the most important thing to me? What do I think is important, not just for today, but in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years down the line, I mean at my age now, in the 70’s, I realized how important family is, and I’m so glad that I took the time to spend with my children, even though sometimes work would pull me away, but everyday I’d always say what is it that, if I don’t do for the family, no one else will do? So that’s something that I would suggest for every woman, that they really think about that, what’s important for them, what is the legacy that they want to leave?

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