Seeking Help and Support


Eva Wathen talks about the benefits of coaches and mentors.

I think that would be my advice, and I’ve been talking to many of my friends in other family businesses and I think that most of us would support the same idea that whenever you need help, go and look for it, and I suppose, if you don’t have it in the family, go for an outside help. I’ve had to coach myself, I’ve had a mentor, I’ve actually had two mentors, I’ve had two coaches I think, I’m very much a person going for different kinds of, well, different kinds of help. And I think, I’ve always said that saved me, because it’s being the Chief Emotional Officer, it takes a lot of your energy and you have to have like the sounding board for your own emotions. It’s like a bank account, you cannot just be giving all the time, you have to be getting it as well.

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