Write Your Own Book


Listen to Nanon de Gaspe Beaubien-Mattrick as she talks about different ways to learn from others and be inspired by those around you.

The first thing I would share with mom-preneurs is that we are all here on this earth to write our own book. And we’re all individuals, so we’re all different, it’s like a snowflake, every single snowflake is different, every woman, every person is different. And instead of re-inventing the wheel, why don’t you listen to some great people, biographies, speakers, YouTube, some great lectures, and take a page out of every person’s book that you find interesting, that fits with your personality, that fits with what you want to do, and by doing that, you shorten, I think, the lessons that you have to learn, and you build your book about who Stephanie is, about who Nanon is, and then you start saying wow, I really like, whatever it is. When I became a mom, I used to gather with 15 women once a month and we’d go around the table at dinner and say, ok, Lorna, tell us the one thing that’s changed your life for the past month, and it could be as corny as this unbelievable recipe that cut down dinner time by literally 35 minutes, or this is the best lip gloss I’ve ever used, or this is the best lecture I heard from this fellow that was inspiring on a TedTalk. Just the ability to share with other women where women are, again, I associate with women that believe that the pie is big, let’s share it, not the women that hold the, I don’t believe in that, I believe we benefit by sharing, so when you get together with women like that, there’s a lot of opportunity to learn and start writing your own book. So that’s what I would share that’s really important to me.

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